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A Worthy High Speed Satellite Internet Service Provides These Essential Things

1. Simple to understand and use equipment.

High speed satellite internet service is beamed from thousands of miles in space. Sure the technology is more complex than cable or digital subscriber line services. This shouldn't mean your internet equipment and setup should be complicated.

A good certified installer equipped with modern satellite internet technology will install a satellite dish outside of your home or business facing the southern sky.  Then, theyíll install a modem inside that you can plug directly into your computer.  Or a wireless modem and router. If things are any harder than that, you need a different provider!

2. Plans that will fit your budget

For many families and even individuals with school and work demands tht require 'reliable' internet connectivity. Today high speed internet access is almost a household requirement. This means there is a need for reliable yet affordable high speed internet services. A provider sensitive to this fact will offer service plans that only cost around $2 per day! Even their top tier programs shouldn't cost more than $100 per month.

3. Speed for todays internet demands.

Modern high speed satellite internet speeds can blaze up to 15Mbps. That's up to 500X faster than dail-up and 3-5 times faster than most cable DSL providers! Don't settle for 12Mbps or less when you can get 15 Mbps.

4.  Data Limits that make sense.

All satellite internet service providers employ a Fair Use or Fair Access Policy that limits the amount of data each user is allowed. A good provider will make this clear by publishing the data limits available with each plan they offer. This way you can make an informed decision about which plan will best fit your data usage.

Additionally a really good provider will give you free resource meter software that reports your data usage and how much is available at all times. Along with a quick and easy way to acquire more gigabits of data as needed.

5. Customer Service and Technical Support

Live 24/7 support and service is exactly what the leading high speed satellite internet provider will give you. Anyhting less...is well....less. There is only one high speed satellite service that maintains an A+ ratng with the Better Business Bureau.


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